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Jimmy Styks Puffer Stand Up Paddle Board

Puffer Inflatable SUPs are a great option for camping trips, boating and riders with limited transport/storage space. Extremely durable drop-stitch construction allows the Puffer to maintain unrivaled stability and rigidity.

  • Utility tie downs - keep your travel gear secure while paddling
  • Roll-n-go portability
  • Perfect board for Paddlers up to 270 lbs

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  • Description
    Jimmy Styks Paddle Boards The Incredible Rigidity of Drop-stitch Fabric

    Based on the building materials and strategies of military-grade inflatable boats, Jimmy Styks paddle boards are created of nylon and also PVC. The drop-stitch core contains a leading and bottom fabric layer held together by an array of nylon 'tethers'. The strength of the tethers within the structure allow the dental caries to hold high degrees of pressure while keeping form as well as rigidness. The drop-stitch framework is the framed in dual layers of seam-welded PVC. The outcome is a remarkably stiff and light retractable stand paddle board that can be taken anywhere.

    Jimmy Styks Paddle Board Accessory Package
  • Ratings
      Steve Taylor March 7, 2017

      Jimmy Styks paddleboards has hit this SUP out of the park. Quite possibly built and also amazingly compact. Do not be tricked, this is no swimming pool plaything. The inner membranes make this inflatable paddle board simply as rigid as a strong board. Although the SUP is huge it is light enough for any grown-up to lug. The capacity to roll it up and also stick it in a trunk (any type of dimension trunk) saves a great deal of cash on a roofing shelf and it keeps it secure when you're not in the area. The form is best for those that are newbies or for waters that have waves or slice. This is not an auto racing surf paddle board but an all over level water to mild waves sort of SUP.

      Jimmy Styks Puffer Paddle Board Measurements on The Box are:
      • 11'2" Long - 31" Wide
      • 5.9" Thick
      • Weight of SUP alone: 24lbs
      This is the 2017 model which is an upgrade as well as is bigger after that the previous model. If you're searching for a blow up stand up paddle board I very advise Jimmy Styks Flatterer. The iSUP was discovered to be extremely secure and also very drift deserving. It tracked well for a big board. The foam foot pads maintained my feet from sliding whatsoever. It was very easy to reach the water thanks to the well-placed deal with and extremely light. The stand up paddle board worked completely as well as had an excellent rigid catch in the water. Generally the maiden voyage was far better then anticipated.

      Joyce Brown Feb 12, 2017

      These appear to be the very best paddle boards on the market for the cash. They come with every little thing you require, and also some great touches that more than as well as over exactly what I would certainly anticipate. Firstly the Jimmy Styks paddle board is very rigid, the modern technology has actually been obtained from the armed forces, a drop-stitch that produces something that feels really solid. The Jimmy Styks Puffer stand paddle board is second largest SUP and also is about 11 feet long by 31 large, but is very simple to bring with takes care of as well as webbing. The pump is dual activity, which implies you are pressing air on both strokes so inflation just takes five minutes or two. Totally prolonged, the paddle passes by eight feet, there is a chain, bring bag, leak repair service, as well as a cinch band so you could roll the entire thing up when done. The fin is removable and also this particular boat is recommended for riders approximately 270 pounds. If you are larger than that you require the Blue Heron, or some Wayfinding skills.

      Kevin Evans June 22, 2017

      This is an outstanding option for a weekender paddler. I discover it very inflexible and also tracks quite possibly. I enjoy the shades and the shape. It is not that unsafe. And also the weight limit is around 270 lbs. So both male and lady can quickly use it. Jimmy Styks Puffer when it comes to a beginner this is a great. The directions are extremely basic and also it features every little thing you need. If you have never had one after that this is very economical to at the very least try it and see if you like it. Best point you do not need a vehicle rack. Jimmy Styks paddle board suits nearly any type of auto. Initially I believed it was too heavy (around 26 lbs) yet considering various other inflatables boards this is an about an average weight for them. Some are even smaller sized but much heavier. This is not also wide or also slim. But also for yoga exercise stand paddle boarding it could still be on the narrow side. Inflating and also deflating Jimmy Styks Puffer paddle board is really simple thing to do. All you have to do is putting back in the bag and that is it just like a camping bed mattress. I've been utilizing SUPs on our lake for the previous few years. I have a plastic one which excels, however is so heavy as well as bulky. I intended to see what the rage is about with the blow up SUPS and also I'm grateful for the opportuntity to have this board for review.

      The board ships in a box that has to do with 3 ft long x 18 inches or so on each side. Inside the SUP is rolled up and strapped. It's inside a storage bag that can be reused. You get a pump, the back fin, an adjustable paddle, a repair kit, and also a preserving strap. After unpacking and checking out the directions (which was incredibly fundamental), I blew up the SUP. The pump has a button that enables solitary action or dual action. Dual action pumps air both on the up and also down stroke. It took 150 of dual activity strokes to obtain the SUP up to concerning 5 psi. At that time, the upward strokes were so hard, I changed to single action and also took about one more 75 strokes to place it at about 10 PSI. I'm the heaviest in my family as well as feel this provides adequate rigidness. After pump it up, I affixed the fin. It happens with one screw. I put some loktite on the screw to make certain it doesn't fall off. Attach the band as well as you're ready to go.

      OK, I'll do this review based on my concerns and worries when I thought about a blow up SUP: Initially, is it that much lighter? Definitely. It's much less than half the weight of my plastic SUP. But, it's additionally noticably bulkier due to the fact that it's nearly two times as thick. Second, can it be deflated for travel? Yes. I was fretted that like a lot of has a tendency, inflatable matresses, etc, that once blew up, I could never decrease it enough to put it back into the storage shack. So, I decreased my SUP. It's not that it decreases any much better than better than any other blow up stuff, it's that the form of the SUP enables for it to be rolled up neatly, squeezing the air out efficiently.

      Third, does it feel like an inflatable bed? No. It's definitely inflexible. I'm 190 as well as can not spot any type of provide in any way. So do I like it? Yes. It's a lot, a lot easier to carry around our lake it 'd behave to be able to pack it up for storage in the winter. Inquiries that I could not anwer now would certainly be how durable it is. Woud it last as long as my plastic SUP? Time will certainly tell and I'll upgrade this testimonial if I remember to at the end of the summer. Another question that I'll return to is just how temperature effects the SUP. We could go from 40 to 90' in someday. It would certainly suck if it obtains softer with lower temps.

      What I don't such as concerning this blow up SUP?

      First, the paddle draws. It's light as well as flexible, but the blade curve just feels wrong. Possibly it's just me. Second, it trips on the water, not in the water. My plastic SUP rides almost an inch over the water surface. This SUP rides concerning 3-4 inches and also is so resilient that truly, none of it is in the water. It's entirely externally. What impact does this have? First, it feels less stable. It is infact EVEN MORE stable. I attempted to diminish as well as it's certainly more steady, however it FEELS less secure. I'll get used to it. Second, getting on the surface area, it's a lot extra effected by wind. And also being on the surface, it seems to not guide or track as well as my normal SUP (both 'novice' level boards by the method). On the whole, I it's an excellent product and also I like it, however proably like my non-inflatable SUP a lot more.

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