How To Choose A Stand Up Paddle Board

If you are a beginner, the type of stand up paddle board you choose will be different from the one a more experienced paddle boarder would use. The more volume a board has, the more suitable it is for a beginner. This simply means that these stand up paddle boards will be thicker and larger for better balance and stability on the water. Stand up paddle boards come in a couple categories based the functions they will perform. The sub categories are all around, fishing, inflatable, yoga, surf, racing and touring stand up paddle boards. The broader and thicker boards which are best suited for beginners are the all around, surf, touring and inflatable stand up paddle boards (some fishing boards may be suitable for a beginner). The other types of boards are more specialized and require more experience to use properly.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

The general make up of inflatable stand up paddle boards features drop stitch construction for the core along with a double layer of PVC for the outer and inner surfaces. This makes them very sturdy and even more durable than the solid epoxy based stand up paddle boards. They are ideal for beginners because of the thickness they provide which facilitates improved balanced for beginners. They are also very convenient for people who want to be able to store and transport them with ease. If you are going on vacation and need to take it with you, the deflated size is also perfect for this type of travel.

Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

To give you an idea of the best inflatable stand up paddle boards on the market, have a look at these three models and the features they offer.

ISLE Surf and SUP Airtech 10-Feet Inflatable Board
ISLE Surf and SUP Airtech

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This 10 foot inflatable stand up paddle board comes with its own storage bag, weighs 17 ½ pounds and can carry up to 240 pounds in body weight. It has an all around design and suits users of various skill levels. It also comes with its own paddle and air pump. Made with Military Grade PVC. Paddle Adjustable: 65” to 86”. 1 year warranty materials.Design and shape for all around fun. Inflates Take 9 - 10 minutes. Easily and rather quickly.

Tower iSUP Package "Adventurer 2" 10'4"
Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer

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This is another bundled package inflatable stand up paddle board which is 10 feet 4 inches long. It has an impressive weight capacity of 350 pounds and is fitted with a bungee cord system to secure items you are carrying on the board. It does not come with a storage bag but in this package you get a fin, a pump and a fibreglass paddle. You can easily carry this stand up paddle board to the water with the handles attached to the tail and nose of the board.

PEAK Inflatable SUP Board with Travel Backpack
PEAK iSUP Board with Travel Backpack

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This stand up paddle board is slightly larger than the previous two measuring in at 10 feet 6 inches long. It has a capacity to hold 300 pounds of weight on the water and accommodates users at whatever skill level they are. The bonus accessories include a carrying or storage backpack, an air pump, a paddle, and a coiled leash. Developed by ISLE.
Great iSUP board for all skill levels. Perfect for recreational and newbies.

Inflatable Xterra 10' Stand Up Paddle Board Premium SUP Bundle
Xterra Inflatable 10 Stand-Up Paddle Board Premium SUP

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Inflatable iRocker CRUISER Stand Up Paddle Board 10'6" Long 33" Wide 6"
Inflatable iRocker Cruiser Stand Up Paddle Board Long 33 Wide 6

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Inflatable Jimmy Styks Puffer SUP Paddleboard 11'2" x Long 31" x Wide 5.9"
Inflatable SUP Paddleboard Jimmy Styks Puffer

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Stand Up Paddle Boards For Yoga

Stand Up Paddle Boards For Yoga

Yoga stand up paddle boards have a sufficiently wide surface to not only accommodate yoga but also other forms of exercise which can be done on the water. The width of these boards makes them very stable on water and the padded surface serves as a yoga mat for comfort and support. These yoga stand up paddle boards are also usually equipped with slots or areas on the board to keep exercise equipment such as resistance bands or personal flotation devices. To prevent users from floating away they can also accommodate an anchor to keep them from floating away during certain manoeuvres or yoga routines.

Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for Yoga

Stand up paddle boards can either be solid or inflatable. The following three selections represent the best inflatable yoga boards available in terms of stability and quality.

ISLE Airtech Inflatable 10'4 Yoga SUP Board
ISLE Yoga Inflatable SUP Board

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This 10 footer weighs only 18 pounds and so is quite easy to carry and accommodates a maximum weight capacity of 255 pounds. The accessories included with the purchase of this stand up paddle board are a back pack, a paddle and air pump, which inflates the board to 6 inches thick. The wide nose and tail design makes this board very stable on the water.

Ten Toes Inflatable Yogi SUP Board Bundle
Yoga Ten Toes Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Bundle Yogi Style

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Another 10' long and 35 inch wide paddle board, this inflatable stand up paddle board has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. The bundle comes with three fins, an aluminium lightweight paddle, a pump and a repair kit. Ten Toes Yogi is great for yoga SUP. 2 year warranty. Robust and rigid as a traditional solid epoxy board. Product virtually indestructible.

Driftsun Balance 11 Foot Yoga SUP Board
Driftsun Balance Yoga iSUP Board

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This inflatable stand up paddle board comes in a pleasing blue colour and is also accompanied by its own wheeled back pack for rolling, coil leash, detachable fin, repair kit, double action air pump and a lightweight paddle. 365 days warranty. Great for fitness and yoga. Provides superior stability. Driftsun includes deluxe travel bag with backpack with rolling wheels.

Stand Up Paddle Boards for Fishing

Stand Up Paddle Boards for Fishing

These boards are designed to be longer and wider than normal to provide extra stability on the water when a fishing line is being cast. They allow for ease to move around and the extra width makes it easy to fit all the fishing on to the board and not pose an impediment to movement. Some of them come with additional features and accessories so you can choose based on how deep you are into fishing.

Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for Fishing

These three stand up paddle boards represent the superior high end ones you can purchase to make your fishing expeditions a success everytime.

Zray FS7 Fishing SUP Paddle Board 11 Foot
Zray FS7 Fishing Stand-up Paddle Board

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This board has a skid resistant EVA surface which makes standing and balancing easy while fishing. It can also be used for other purposes and can bear a maximum load of 330 pounds. This board is sold in a bundle which will get you a pump, three fins, a backpack and an aluminium paddle which will not sink if it falls into the water.

Aqua Marina Drift Fishing iSUP Board
Aqua Marina Drift Fishing iSUP Board

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This 10 foot 10 inch stand-up paddle board is designed for fishing with the accompanying fish cooler, fishing rod, rod holders and bungee cord system for additional storage. There are also chambers on the side which make it feel more like a kayak and improve safety. Double sided rail for maximum stability. Awesome board design for fishing.

Imagine Surf V2 Wizard Angler Board
Imagine Surf V2 Wizard Angler SUP Board

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This well designed and well equipped fishing board weighs 68 pounds and can hold a maximum of 305 pounds. It has a foldable back rest, two storage areas, rod holders, a paddle clip, 4 fishing rod mounts, a bungee cord storage system and feet markers for comfortable sitting. It is made to use a fin if desired and is made from molded polyethylene.

Stand Up Paddle Boards For Kids

Stand Up Paddle Boards For Kids

Considering stand up paddle boards for kids? SUPs, as they're often called, are perfect for people of all ages. With their versatility and the endless hours of fun they provide, kids and teens alike enjoy paddle boards each and every day. Since they can go from river, to lake, to ocean short with ease, they are also great for adventurists that love to travel. And, one thing that makes them particularly great for kids is that they never fail to excite! Depending on the child's age, size, and experience level, paddle boards can be a fun activity on the weekend or a sport that they grow seriously committed to as they compete in friendly competitions with clubs, family members, or just with their friends. Regardless, you can trust they'll be having fun.

Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for Kids

Taquito 7' Junior Stand Up Paddle Board Bundle by Wavestorm
Wavestorm Taquito 7 Stand Up Paddle Board Kids Bundle

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Milkshake 8' Kids Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Bundle
Milkshake Inflatable 8 Kids Stand Up Paddle Board and Complete SUP Bundle

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Aqua Marina Kids New Beginner Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board
Aqua Marina Perspective New Kids Inflatable SUP Paddle Board

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Stand Up Paddle Boards for Woman

Stand Up Paddle Boards for Women

Stand up paddle boards for women have truly surged to popularity in recent years, and there is a good reason why. Actually, there are plenty of good reasons why, with the top being that they are so incredibly fun! They're great for the entire family, or for just a relaxing solo activity. And, when you're enjoying time on a paddle board, your worries just seem to melt away. Whether you go for an exciting run down stream or a relaxing paddle around the lake, you're still getting in a fantastic workout thanks to the fact that SUPs work the entire body. And, they're great for all woman fitness levels since you are in complete control of how hard, fast, or slow you go.

Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for Women

Women's Umami Stand Up Paddleboard Newport Vessels
Newport Vessels Women Umami Stand Up Paddleboard

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Woman Supflex 10' Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard
Supflex 10 Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard for Woman

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BIC Sport DURA-TEC Original Woman SUP Paddleboard
Bic Sport Dura Tec Woman Stand Up Paddleboard

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Epoxy Stand Up Paddle Boards

Epoxy Stand Up Paddle Boards

If you've decided to try out a stand up paddle board with the recent rise in popularity, you have plenty of options. When they first shot to fame just a couple years ago, there weren't too many places where you could find a good paddle board, and many people had never even heard of them before. However, now that they have truly come into the spotlight where they deserve to be, you might be sifting through all your options thinking, What sort of board do I even need? Epoxy sup paddle bord or foam? Many things factor in, including price, length, your experience level, and your height. But, another important factor is material. Epoxy stand up paddle boards happen to be the most popular, but there are plenty of fantastic options out there and it really boils down to your own preference.

Best Epoxy Stand Up Paddle Boards

ISLE Versa Epoxy 10'5 Standup Paddle Board (4.5" Thick)
Isle Versa Epoxy 10-5 SUP Paddle Board

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BIC Sport ACE-TEC Wing Epoxy Stand Up Paddle Board Size: 11'4

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Jimmy Styks Blue Heron Epoxy Stand Up Paddle Board
Jimmy Styks Blue Heron Stand Up Paddle Board Epoxy

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Foam Stand Up Paddle Boards

Foam Stand Up Paddle Boards

Today, there are literally hundreds of options to choose from when you go scouring the web for a stand up paddle board. But, how do you even begin? Just a few years back, before paddle boards really hit the mainstream and gained all the attention they deserve, you would be hard-pressed to find a paddle-board for sale at your local outdoor store. Now, however, you have plenty of places, brands, and other options to choose from. So, how do you decide? Foam sup paddle board or inflatable? You should factor in things like your experience level, intended usage, height, and price range. But, you should also consider the material. For instance, do you want a foam stand up paddle board or something else? That's something you can learn about in the below paddle boards.

Best Foam Stand Up Paddle Boards

Raystreak 8' Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board Foam Board
Raystreak 8 Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board Foam Board

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Classic EPS Foam Paddle Board SUP Package CBC Hydra
Hydra Cbc Classic Foam Paddle Board

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Burke 11 feet Cruiz Foam Stand-Up Paddleboard Package
Burke 11 feet Cruiz Foam Stand Up Paddleboard

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Cheap Stand Up Paddle Boards

Cheap Stand Up Paddle Boards

If you've recently heard about the SUP epidemic, you might be in search of cheap stand up paddle boards for you and your family. While many go for around a thousand dollars or more, rest assured that you can find an affordable stand up paddle board at a fraction of the cost. And, you don't have to sacrifice quality. One of the first budget-friendly options you should consider should be an inflatable paddle board. They have many uses and ring in at just $100 to $300. If you're looking for a solid board at a discount, you can also consider scouring the web for used boards, as many trading sites have cropped up for people to sell their equipment second-hand to beginner boarders. After all, no matter how much you pay, you're sure to have a lot of fun!

Best Cheap Stand Up Paddle Boards

HydroForce White Cap Inflatable SUP

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HydroForce WaveEdge Inflatable SUP 10'2"
HydroForce Wave Edge Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Sale

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Aqua Marina Breeze Stand Up Paddle Board
Aqua Marina Breeze Stand Up Paddle Board Cheap Price

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Paddles Paddle Leashes Personal Floatation Paddle Carrier Straps SUP Hydration Pack

Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories

Stand up paddle boards have many accessories which can help to make the use of the board and the overall experience of paddle boarding easier, more efficient and also more convenient. The following list of accessories gives an idea of some popular ones and their uses: Paddles to propel the board forward, Paddle Leashes to attach to the board and the body, Paddle Board Bags for storage and transportation, Personal Floatation Devices such as life vests for safety, Paddle Carrier Straps to assist with ease of transport, Paddle Fins to give speed when paddling especially when racing or just to fill the need to move faster, SUP Hydration Pack backpacks help to keep you hydrated while on the water for long periods.

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Stand Up Paddling Beginner Lesson Video

Beginner Lesson in Stand Up Paddling

Instructional Video


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • What are the common stand up paddle board sizes and weights?

    They start anywhere from 9 feet to 15 feet long and weigh on their own from 18 to 50 pounds. These figures take into consideration the solid and inflatable types.

  • How do I transport or carry my paddle board?

    If your paddle board is inflatable it can be deflated, rolled up placed in a carrying bag or inside the trunk of a vehicle. If it is solid it can be carried via the straps of its storage/carrying bag, or secured into racks on the roof of your vehicle.

  • Are inflatable stand up paddle boards resistant?

    Yes, they are made of a double layer of sturdy PVC and an inner nylon core and stand up to any water conditions.

  • Would a dog be able to ride with me?

    Yes, but you must fit him with a personal floatation device and do some acclimation prior to taking him out on the board with you.

  • How much weight can the SUP board support?

    The boards range in weight capacity from 200 up to 1050 pounds.

  • Should I go with a rigid or inflatable stand up paddle board?

    This choice is purely based on preference and may be determined by whether you have storage and transportation limitations, as well as the intended use of the board.

  • What kind of paddleboard is better for beginners?

    Beginners are better off using high volume boards which are wider and thicker to give more stability and control on the water.

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